SMBs companies, just like any other business, need technical talent. But when it comes to hiring tech professionals, the struggle is real—it’s hard to find the right match because there aren’t that many tech workers. That’s why some SMBs owners usually hire outsourcing companies to do technical work. However, this can be expensive and doesn’t give continuity to the project. 

Another trend among small businesses is to hire coding bootcamps graduates. According to Course Report, there were about 17,966 bootcamp graduates in 2016, which is a significant figure compared to the 61,408 undergraduates from computer science bachelor’s degree programs. This means that there’s a massive number of technical talent to fill the gaps.

If you’re wondering if coding bootcamp grads are the right option for your SMB, here are a few things you should consider when hiring bootcamp graduates. 

Diversifying Tech

Today the tech talent gap is vast, but what’s more concerning is that diversity isn’t always the rule in this field. Therefore, companies end up hiring tech talent from a single ethnicity or gender. However, coding bootcamp graduates usually come from different ethnicities and genders. By hiring bootcamp graduates, you promote diversity within your company.

Deepthi Kondapalli, director of technology at Expedia, discussed the importance of diversity in a TechRepublic article: “We’ve found that programs outside of colleges can produce enthusiastic, smart, driven candidates with diverse backgrounds.”

Not All Cases are Equal

While some companies may experiment with good results, others prefer to stick to traditional computer science graduates. Some of the benefits that individual companies have experienced with coding bootcamp graduates are that they’re open to different solutions and have up-to-date skills that bachelor’s degree graduates don’t have. 

Bryan Clayton, the CEO of GreenPal, said to the Tech Republic: “A new green developer can eat up more time than they contribute to the project because of needing supervision and management”. One of the more significant challenges your company may face with bootcamp graduates is that you’ll have to monitor their job at first. However, once they get used to the dynamic in your SMBs company, they’ll be able to work independently. 

In the same article, Sarah Franklin, the General Manager at Salesforce, said that she appreciates the rapidly-innovating skills that bootcamp graduates have. So results are mixed, and it all depends on the type of individual that you hire and whether they match your company’s values or not. 

Comparison Between Coding Bootcamps Grads and Computer Science Grads

Coding bootcamp graduates and computer science grads are very different. One of the most notable differences is that education in coding bootcamps tends to be more up-to-date than traditional universities. This makes it easier for coding bootcamp graduates to adapt to new trends in the tech industry. However, they have a lack of fundamental knowledge of computer science

On the other hand, coding bootcamp graduates have an advantage over university grads; they have better practical skills. Since most of the college education is theoretical, those students are usually not as familiar as coding bootcamp grads with practical knowledge. 

Triplebyte recently surveyed a group of companies to compare these types of graduates. It found out that while coding bootcamp graduates were better at writing clean and doing modular coding, they weren’t as good as computer science graduates with algorithms. 

Bootcamp Graduates are Coachable

One of the best benefits of hiring coding bootcamp graduates is the fact that they’re open to learning everything you have to teach them. It is easier to coach them and mold them to your company’s vision. This is something that most college graduates may not have because, at some point, they feel fully prepared. 

It’s a Great Way to Find Tech Talent

Hiring tech talent is not an easy task, so you should be open to trying different techniques and methods to find an excellent match for your company. A unique way to do this is by looking at top-notch bootcamp schools and finding outstanding graduates.