Keno is a gambling game that is often played at contemporary casinos and presented as a game by individual lotteries. It is said that the game was originated in China. Popular beliefs have it that this game served an ancient city of China in the time of war and it was so popular that it helped even in raising funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Playing keno requires a lot of patience and luck. Yet the game is quite simple, and this simplicity has made this game a classic over the years. In the game, a player wagers by choosing a random number from 1 to mostly 80. Once all the players have made their wager, 20 are drawn randomly, either using a ball machine similar to those used for lotteries and Bingo or using a random number generator.

Keno Machines do not Need to Cheat

It is a widespread belief that most of the casinos cheat the players by rigging slot machines to take the money. However, the truth is that the games are designed to give the casinos extra advantage, and hence there is no reason for casinos to cheat to gain an advantage. Keno machines have such designs and programmes that they quickly pay the casino a certain percentage of every gambled dollar. These machines have three phrase programs that an anonymous player revealed over a decade ago.

First Phase: Suppose you do not have sufficient money to pay for a jackpot, in that case, the machine will work-out to avoid your number most of the time.

Second Phase: When a Keno machine has sufficient amount of money to pay for a jackpot without causing the casino, it switches to a second setting that runs via a true random number generator. In this phase, the machine operates using an RNG program, and whether your numbers hit or not, it depends on your luck. It is in this second phase that the chances of hitting the jackpot depending on the number of spots picked come into play.

Third Phase: Almost every profession in the gambling industry and even the machines will deny this, but in the third phase, you need extreme luck while you place your money and choose your number. When the device switches over to the third phase, it shows that the machine is holding much more than it is designed to earn for the casino, which is usually 15% to 18%. In the third phase, no matter what number you pick, the machine will hit.

Though the programs of the Keno machines can indeed be changed to alter the probabilities, it is also to be kept in mind that, legal, licensed casinos mostly obey the local rules and regulations and temper the machines can cause significant risk to their business. Moreover, each Keno machine has a random number generator chip and a control chip that decides the way of the game. These number generator attached in the Keno machines are not 100% random. However, they are casual enough to make the interaction between a player and the computer random. Moreover, most of the casinos and other businesses that have video keno games are only interested in gaining a satisfied, happy customer base. And as mentioned, they do not need to cheat since games are already designed to favour the casinos.

You Should Check Each Game’s Rules before Playing

Keno has uncountable versions and types with each having its own set of rules. As a result, it becomes almost unworkable to find out the hidden tricks in one venue and use it in another one to win. In simple words, Keno rules vary across the board. Professional players do not start playing a Keno game in a venue using the same standards of another keno game they played previously. The common rule variations may include anything from the frequency of drawings to how many spots a player can play to how much a player can or must wager. Hence, it becomes necessary to check each game’s rules before playing. However, this does not mean that winning at keno is too hard. People find it hard to win because they either play too aggressively or make common avoidable mistakes.

Playing Keno Requires Minimal Skill

Unlike most of the other poker games, playing keno requires basic knowledge and minimal skill. First of all, as a player, you should know what ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers are. Some Keno games publish the hot and cold number whereas in some cases a third party tracks them for individual players. Secondly, the four, five, and six spot games have the best chances of winning any prize, whereas it is observed that ten spot or 20 spot games have no serious chance of winning. Also, it would be best if you remembered to change your number picking method at least once a month. However, if you use a scheme of picking a number, you should stick to it for at least a couple of weeks before you change it. It is one of the best tricks to win more in keno.

Moreover, as a player, you should always remember that keno has one of the most challenging methods of calculating odds and probabilities. Since keno has so many options, the probabilities change from one level to another and from one game variant to the other. Hence while playing keno, you have to learn each game’s odds or probabilities chart to work out the best conditions for wagering. Without these and other similar minimal skills, you will find it hard to win anything in keno.


Keno is one of the most popular betting games in the world. Millions of people play keno every day around the whole world and are called the ‘common man’s lottery’. The best thing about keno is that a player can develop his style of playing every day, which makes the game more personal and the player feels more connected to the game. However, keno is not for those who do not have basic knowledge and minimal skill in the game. However, what is most important is to enjoy the game and take it slow.


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