It is everyone’s dream to win the lottery. To win the lottery, you have to know the lottery you are playing and how the numbers can work to your advantage. It is a one in millions chance to win the lottery, and having a little know-how might come in handy. There is no guaranteed method that you can follow to win the lottery.

Though the numbers on the lottery are random, there is a method to the randomness. There is an algorithm that works behind the numbers. Cracking the algorithm is almost impossible. The least you can do to win the lottery is some research about the patterns that these tickets follow. Observing the patterns if you are a regular at the lottery may also help.

There are different types of lotteries that are available today. They may vary in the range of numbers being drawn from, or the duration of each time the draw happens, or the prize money, but the basic principle remains the same.

These are a few of the types of lotteries:

  • Lotto
  • Little Lotto
  • Dailies
  • Instant Games

So, now that you have decided to try your luck, there are a few things that might guide you in your quest to win the lottery. These strategies are based on mathematics and logic. But these are not foolproof methods, and there is no way you can be sure to win the lottery by applying these strategies.

Pick Lottery Numbers Wisely

These are a few strategies that are used to pick lottery numbers that might give you an edge over others to win the lottery.

  • Tracking
  • Wheeling
  • Pooling
  • Software

Tracking to Pick Lottery Numbers

Tracking is a method that uses the frequency of individual numbers that are being drawn over some time. The numbers drawn more often are ‘hot’ numbers, and the numbers that are rarely drawn are ‘cold’ numbers. Different people apply different logic after studying this pattern. Some people pick lottery numbers that are mainly on the hot numbers list as they are most often drawn. Others play on the cold numbers as they think these numbers have a greater chance of being drawn since they have not been removed in some time. Some others pick lottery numbers that belong to both the hot and cold lists as they do like to cash in on both the probabilities.

Wheeling to Win the Lottery

Wheeling is not a system that helps pick lottery numbers but aims at using all the numbers you have with you to your best advantage. What happens here is that you make a master list of your best picks and playing them in different combinations. If the numbers on your list include all or some of the winning numbers, then there is a guarantee of a prize. For instance, you have four of the winning numbers out of the six or three out of six, and so on. There are wheel blanks with different designs and different coding like alphabets. You can try your luck to win the lottery by playing various combinations of these numbers. Wheeling might prove expensive and before anything else setting up a budget is necessary so that you know your limits.


Pooling your money is the best method for making the most out of what you are spending. Pooling is when you join other players and utilize all the money accumulated to buy tickets. This means you get to buy more tickets and there is a better chance to win the lottery. If you win the lottery, the prize money will be split among all the members of the club.

Software to Your Aid

Today, there is also software available on the market that predicts the outcome of these lotteries. The predictions may not be accurate, and the software can be expensive. You might want to think twice before going for this option and might want to rely on the more traditional options available to help you win the lottery.

Other methods include:

  • Even/Odd Analysis
  • Pairs/Doubles Analysis
  • Pick Positions
  • Sector Analysis

Each method mentioned here analyses the probability of even/odd numbers being drawn more frequently. This analyzing numbers that tend to appear in pairs or doubles, or in which position a specific number hits most frequently or how often numbers in different sectors are drawn, etc.

What you need most to win the lottery is luck. And this is the charm of the whole thing. The lottery doesn’t differentiate between where you’re from, your financial status, educational status, or any other bias. It is all about research, and some luck, or most of the time, pure luck.

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