The lottery is quite famous throughout the world. Although it is widely believed that the lottery is almost entirely based on chance and luck, and it is true to a great extent, it is not entirely true. It is possible to predict lottery numbers mathematically. The concepts of probability, permutations, and combinations in mathematics deal with the kind of mathematics involved in the process of the lottery. Using these concepts, one can predict lottery numbers mathematically with accuracy to a great extent.

Choosing the lottery with better odds

It is important to choose a lottery with better odds. When deciding between the lotteries with better prize amount or jackpot and odds, always go for the one with better odds. Prefer lotteries with smaller price but greater odds. Because any amount of money won through a lottery makes a difference in your life, right?

How to decide the lotteries with better odds?

Deciding the lotteries with better odds is a relatively simple process. The following factors:

  • Number field

Always remember that the number field and odds are inversely proportional. The lesser the number field, the better are the odds.

  • Pick size

This too goes just like the number field. The lesser the pick size, the better are the odds of you winning.

So, choose your lottery by putting these two factors together. To get an insight, a 5/42 game is always a better choice than a 6/42 game.

How to compute the odds of a lottery?

This is possible by determining the number of possible combinations. You can calculate the number of ways you win and the number of ways you lose. After you do that, you can calculate your odds of winning the grand prize by dividing the number of ways you win by the number of ways you lose. The odds of winning some of the most famous lotteries in the world is possible by using these methods. For insight, the Italian Superenalotto has some of the most formidable odds to beat.

Choosing better patterns

Choosing better lottery patterns is extremely important to increase your chances of winning a lottery. This can be done by using the concept of probability. Take the following examples-

(a) 1-12-20-31-39-42

(b) 3-12-22-35-36-38

(c) 4-15-27-36-39-43

(d) 2-14-24-36-38-42

(e) 5-13-25-37-41-45

Which of the following combinations have the best chance of winning the lottery?

The 6/45 combination is used here for convenience. Firstly, what needs to be calculated is the number of varieties of 6 digits that can be generated out of 45 numbers. After that, the following binomial coefficient formula is to be used.

binomial coefficient formula


n= 45 numbers

r= 6 combinations

So, in this game, 8,145,060 possible combinations will be available to play. With the possibility of 3 odds and 3 evens, we get 2,727,340. Hence, this pattern has the best chance to win a lottery.


While the lottery is drawn randomly, the chances of winning the jackpot can always be increased by using mathematics to choose a number.

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