There are almost 45 states in the US that include a form of lottery games. Each lottery game varies only in the type of games offered and with the rules of such games being similar across the board.

Each state lottery has its own rules and is operated by a renowned and dedicated agency or by the branch of a government. Some include lottery commission, bonuses, reward points, and many more attractive benefits according to the control board or the agency that has the responsibility on overseeing that the activities are conducted and are operating smoothly and effectively keeping in mind all that rules and regulations that are laid down by the board.

Which states do not include lottery games?

There are only individual states which do not have any sort of lottery games. The five states that do not include lottery are:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Hawaii
  4. Utah
  5. Nevada

Do any of the states offer online lottery games?

Yes, some of the states offer online lottery games as well.

In around 2011, the US Department of Justice released a legal opinion on the Act for the online betting’s, named ‘federal Wire Act’. This act was passed to offer the states to allow certain online lottery sales. In this online lottery, the people could pick lottery numbers online considering any kind of place.

It is the easiest way to take part in the lottery games as the traditional ways were time-consuming where one has to go to the store and then he has to buy the lottery tickets and has to end up buying more stuff from the stores.

Mega Millions

Customers pick lottery numbers that are five numbers from a set of 70 and one mega balls from a set of twenty-five. This costs the customers $2. The odds of winning the mega millions lottery is 1 in 302.6 million. This depends upon the size of the jackpot. The larger the size of the jackpot more will be a chance of winning. There are even chances for the prize money to roll over like if there will be no winners during Tuesday or Friday, the prize will get a roll, and this will continue to grow, even surpassing the billion-dollar mark.


Powerball is the second-largest multistate lottery game after mega millions. Here, the odds of winning power-ball are predominantly high as compared to mega millions by 1 in 292 million. This lottery offers the biggest lottery jackpots in the world. This game is also straightforward in playing and to win the lottery.

Where does the revenue go?

All the funds or revenue collected from all the 45 states get total up. Then all the funds from these lotteries go for practical purposes like education or some kind of charity and even to a state general fund.

What happens to winners if they win?

When people of the states win the lottery across the country, have a certain period to collect their prizes, usually, they have 180-365 days. Whereas New Mexico only gives winners 90 days to collect their won cash. If they win a huge amount, then they are advised to consult tax experts as stated in the regulations.

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